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This week I have copy and pasted the articles that were out recently in local papers. I am grateful for the help the local papers have given and hope you enjoying the articles that have been written.

Wee County News/Allan Water News

PASSION FOR SUCCESS: Concierge Steven Guscott with his first-ever novel

A Bridge of Allan man has been juggling his concierge service skills with his creativity to write his first novel. Steven Guscott, 23, has written The Journal of Fire – the first in his fantasy series entitled The Chronicles of Elementary, The Micro Circle. After spending four focused months creating and writing the novel, he is hoping to get feedback from around the Allanwater area before he gets cracking with the next five. Working as a concierge, the former Wallace High pupil found ideas came to him in the middle of the night as he body clock adjusted to night shifts. He created characters who will feature throughout the series – and has conjured up ideas for every novel. To get the first one off the ground, he designed artwork for the cover and has put copies online while he gathers local interest. And he hopes this is just a taster for bigger things as enjoying his first writing experience so much has encouraged him to follow a different career path. With aspirations to work in sport after his love of football stemmed from an early age, he went to the University of Stirling to complete a degree in sport. Living in Bridge of Allan and studying his first love, he gained a number of injuries which gave him more time for his other hobby, reading. His passion for English started in High School where, inspired by his Wallace High School teacher, he began to enjoy writing. And to improve his skills and get guidance to go foward with his next books, he has applied to Stirling University to start an English degree in September. Steven told the Allanwater News: “I look back and think of that child who loved football and nothing else and think of the man I am today, and how different they are. “What changed me? It was not the events, but how I reacted to the events that changed me. “I always tried to make the most of the hand life gave me. I found other things to enjoy, other things that have taught me much about life and my own abilities. I had this new drive to succeed and to gain a better life for myself through writing.” He added: “Who knows what will come of it? I personally believe I will be very successful from it. I have moments of doubt but all I have to do is look over my work and I know somewhere out there are people who are going to love this story. I have such a strong desire for all forms of success and have already had many.” The book is available online at and the hard copy can be bought from

Alloa Advertiser 
This is the article written by Jamie Mcdonald for the Alloa advertiser

Would you read a forbidden book containing secrets on the future?
The conundrum is one of the choices given to Dragatu in the debut novel
The Journal of Fire by Steven Guscott.
Based in a world similar to Earth, the story charts the progress made by
the main character and his brothers as they try to help and save their
He might be just one book in to his writing career but Steven (23)
already has plans for another five novels to follow up the Journal of
Fire and complete his Chronicles of Elementary series.
He told the Advertiser, “It is a good fun story with religious symbolism
and it is written in layers. It could be read by someone in their mid to
late teens and they would enjoy it as much as an adult.
“If you want to look into it more deeply there are basic themes of
choice which we all have to deal with and how power shapes the world.”
Steven, who works as a concierge in Clackmannan, took to writing
following a bout of illness last year.
The idea for his story came to him by first coming up with the name for
his main character.
“Dragatu came from combining the word dragon with an older style of name
and then it spiralled from there,” said Steven. “I took aspects of
different books I enjoy as well as some original ideas.
“Within four days I had written 20,000 words on where the story could
go, and from that I started writing the book. It is almost scary how
easy it was and it was good fun to write.”
It is still early days as far as feedback is concerned but Steven has
been encouraged by the comments received from those who have read his work.
He said, “All the reviews have been very positive. One person had said
they had read it whilst they were recovering from an operation in
hospital and I was really touched with her comments.”
The Journal of Fire is available to buy from or follow Steven’s blog at

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