Tuesday, 21 June 2011

A Bit of Fun - The Sky Marshall

This is just a bit of fun and is in honour of a friend of mine.

The Sky Marshall

The Sky Marshall is soulless, full of scorn.
His origin unknown. Bred of discord.
Maybe on some lofty mountain top born?
His first word? The war cry of death. “Forward!”
Hearsay says he fell from heaven, rejected.
Rumour says he was belched from the 9th hell.
Truth is. Who knows when? Where? He first fed.
All you need to know is what I will tell.
If he gets your scent he will come for you.
Just one taste of your blood this snake will need.
To send wave after wave of men black through.
So fear this, man? ’cause his deeds you will mourn.
Like his beheading the last unicorn.

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