Saturday, 2 July 2011

Goodbyes, Taking a Step Back and What Now?


Over the last year I have been working with a new publishing group North Highland Publishing and have decided  to no longer have my book with them. The reason for this is because I guess I'm a control freak, at least when it comes to my writing. I have decided to take on everything myself and just see how it goes. I want to thank N.H.P for having my work on their website and wish them all the success for the future.

Taking a Step Back

There is so much I want to do to help market my first book but all of it involves money. I currently have no free cash to spare on marketing so have to take a step back from this. It is hard for me to do this as I want to steam roll my ideas forward but I can't. I find this so hard to accept but I must because I have no choice. this is why I must take a step back from marketing. at least for now.
 I want to thank all those who have helped with marketing and brought my book. I cannot express the gratitude I feel for those who have given their hard earned money to buy my book on the sole factor of their faith in me. I am humbled by all the feedback that I have received and all the positive criticism that helps me improve my writing.

What Now?

Well I am only taking a step back from marketing, not writing.

Book two is coming along brilliantly. I am so proud of the way it is developing and I can see how much I have improved in just a year and a half. I am aiming to finish in September and at the latest December.

I am also still waiting to hear back from an agent who asked for unusual fantasy. I should hear back this coming week. I'm hoping my book is exactly what she is looking for because it doesn't get much more unusual than this. If she rejects it I am going to have to seriously re-think the first book as I think the journal style is putting people off, especially the start because it is written in an awkward style. This is because the main character is a child when they start writing the journal and I chose to write it like a child but think people are put off by it.
  I think when I finish book two I will take a lot of time and really read over book one's style etc and see if I feel it is right to change either the style or the beginning chapters or re-write the whole thing (lets hope not) but keeping the main plot the same obviously. I will tackle this bridge when I come to it as the idea of doing it is scary but might be necessary.

I'm also still writing poetry and this is a fun on going project and I love that poetry allows me to create something multi-layered and creative the way I love to.

I guess that's all for now and will update in the next couple of weeks if I had any luck from the agent and if she gave any feedback.

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